Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She got a shower

Another day of Maryland hard at it!

They split their time between the sheetrock finishing and plumbing. Monty worked with them most of the day on the finishing of the sheetrock. It's looking really good and should be ready for some sanding tomorrow.

Our retired Pastor and his wife learned just how valuable volunteers can be -- again! When they realized the abilities of the plumber they asked if they could get their shower and have it installed while the team is here. Guess what --- they have a shower! And today is only Wednesday!

The team also received another unexpected blessing today. When Sandy from my mother's church brought their lunch to them today she was asking them what they did for evening meals. They told her where they planned on going this evening. Sandy left and in less than 5 minutes returned saying she and her husband would be taking them to the restaurant they had picked out for tonight's dinner!!! It truly shocked the men and brought such amazing smiles to their faces! Another amazing example of how the volunteers come to be a blessing and the blessings are returned right back to them!

I spent most of my day with case management details. We are trying to find all those who are still residing in hotels. FEMA has located some apartments where the management has agreed to waive the year lease agreement so we need to get a total of those needing those apartments. We have a listing and the case managers will make another call to each one on that list again tomorrow and hopefully come up with as close to a final number as we can get. We are very grateful to that apartment complex for allowing those displaced to have a temporary home without signing a lease. I don't think there are very many left but tomorrow we will know for sure.

I had the opportunity to go and visit my 95 year old grandmother late this afternoon. She is in a local nursing home and is so happy when I get the chance to visit. I always leave wishing I took the time to go and visit more often. Now that we are in the same city I will do my best to get there as often as possible. 95 years is a long time and with each passing year each day is more precious.

We were also blessed to go to my parents for a home cooked meal this evening and get in some visiting with them. Another blessing God has given us by allowing us to come and serve in my hometown! And another visit that I vow to make more often while we are here!

Tomorrow will bring a morning of meetings. Monty will be attending the construction sub-committee of the long term recovery and I will be attending a district pastors breakfast with Pastor A. They only meet quarterly so this is a special opportunity.

From there we will be off and running in different directions once again. Maryland will be up and ready to go early and Monty will meet up with them by mid morning. I just can't say how great it has been to have them here this week. We got so used to having team after team - week after week - while we were on the Gulf and it is such a blessing to see the ministry that takes place in every direction!

Our incoming teams from IN and OH are scheduled and seeing just how many will be coming to serve. We pray the teams keep coming --from all over -- it's the volunteers who are the keys!!

The church changed in its appearance today also. The sanctuary is nearly completely cleaned out and really looks barren now. But the new is beginning and a new "normal" is on the horizon!!! Praise the Lord for new beginnings!

Until next time . . . and until I get Monty's photos downloaded into my computer . . .
Blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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