Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thank you Bedford

The Ohio kids, along with Pastor A's son cleaning the parking lot on Friday. The dust you see flying was mud and is now cleared off the lot. They had way too much fun!

Today Monty and I spoke at First Baptist Church in Bedford, IN. We had met with Pastor Kraig a few weeks ago and he wanted us to come and share our vision with the entire congregation. When he realized he would be on vacation today he gave us the morning! Since they have 2 morning services we had a busy morning. It's always a blessing to us to be able to share what God has been, and continues doing. Seeing miracles on a daily basis isn't something people get used to. One of our goals is to raise up teams of volunteers who will come along side us and share in the blessings. We are so thankful to our dear friend, Stacey, for making this connection for us. First Baptist is her home church and we are thankful to now have it one of our home churches.

For me there was a deeply personal connection with this church, one that was a complete surpise. I have a dear friend, Jana, who lives in Bedford. Years ago we worked together in a chiropractors office. We spent so much time together, both in and out of the office. I was there when she had her first child, a son, who spent some unexpected time in the children's hospital. I was also there when her second child, a daughter, was born. It's been years since I have seen her and today I learned her mother is a member of this church. I then remembered being in this church when Jana's father passed away. It never ceases to amaze me how God brings us back to certain places, how much we realize that this ole' world is really very small. It was so good to see Jane (Jana's mother) and to do some remembering. I hope to reconnect with Jana in the near future.

After speaking at both services we were invited back to Stacey's mother's house for lunch. It was a time to visit and relax. We hadn't been there very long when a phone call came from Dallas, our other buddy in Bedford, from Fayetteville Baptist Church. If you look back on the blog you will see where he, his wife and another gentleman came to Columbus and spent an entire day in the Hope Outreach center getting things organized after our last large truck load of supplies arrived. Turns out they went back to their church and started a food drive and were quite successful. He knew we were in town and we made the connection and came back with quite a bit of much needed food supplies! Another of those connections made by God! Another of those family connections!

We hope to see a group of volunteers come from both of these churches!

It was also an added blessing to have Monty's mother, Judy, join us in service this morning. As you know, she had been in the hospital this week and even though she isn't 100% yet she was there to support us! In fact, every time we have spoken in a church she has been in the congregation supporting us with her smile! I don't think she knows just how much that means to the both of us! We love you, Judy!

It was a wonderful day of new connections with new family and reconnections with old family. God has blessed us so much -- we have family all over this nation -- and we are so thankful for each and every one of them!

Until next time . . . thank God for your family! Susan and Monty

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