Thursday, July 17, 2008

Maryland photo expose' (or not?)

Yes, good ole' blogger is experiencing a variety of technical difficulties this evening -- just when I have a boat load of photos to show you!! Hopefully tomorrow?!

I know for a fact the guys were a bit worn out when they left the houses this evening! I also think they were looking forward to an evening of staying at the church. They said they had so much food there, thanks to so many people who have been feeding them, that they were going to stay there and have a variety of things for their dinner!

They continued the sheetrock in Robert's home. By tomorrow they will be sanding and preparing the walls for the next folks who come to work.

They also were at our retired Pastor's home where they got the new shower completely installed. These units that are not one piece can be a bit challenging but they did a wonderful and professional job!

I spent my morning at the breakfast meeting with quite a few local Pastors. It was great to meet them and to see the Pastor who is now preaching at the Lutheran church where I grew up and went to school. It was my opportunity to let them know how great this community has been in working together. That community spirit is born and sent out by all of these Pastors from different denominations all coming together to work together! Thanks to all of them for their hearts of love and service.

Monty attended the sub committee meeting for the construction end of the relief effort. It went well and they are getting the full picture of all the committees working together to get the job done!

Our case management side is continuing to go full speed ahead. One of them was even tracking down a potty chair for a handicapped child. It can be difficult working with a team of people you have never worked with and working with them in this type of high stress work! It is our goal to be a support system not only to our clients but to each other. So far, so good!

I received word of a couple more people who are interested in joining our team. We are also looking into further training to catch up those who were not able to attend the first sessions. After numerous phone calls they have the listing of those still in hotel rooms and sent it off to FEMA. There are many people awaiting the arrival of the FEMA mobile homes!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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