Sunday, July 06, 2008

Meeting Our New Church Family

Yes, we finally made it to a Sunday morning service at our new home church. Another family to try and learn all the names and family connections. Since the services are in a "borrowed" church, the times have had to change but the Spirit of the Lord filled the building and it was awesome! This church is also the "church of the month" at a local buffet restaurant so most of us headed over there after service and enjoyed good food and fellowship.
Pastor A had a fantastic message. We went to the book of Nehemiah and used their example of rebuilding and applied it to our own situation with this church. The focus is on rebuilding and even though we know there will be obstacles and satan will show himself we also know and stand on the promises of God that we WILL prevail and have already won the battle!
The actual rebuilding process of the sanctuary will begin tomorrow -- what a wonderful day it will be! Be sure and stay tuned for photos of the progress.
Also tomorrow restarts the Hope Outreach Center with the many supplies that came in last week. You can see many people hard at work getting things ready. It looks awesome and sooooo many people will be blessed and see the hand of God at work. Once again we are so thankful to Convoy of Hope for making the connection and to Ms Elizabeth for her load of blessings! I think I see the hand of God already! Actually, I see His hand many times daily!
You can also see in the photos our new "home" in the back of the church. It's a great place to be, living in the parking lot of a church. Somehow makes me feel a bit closer to God. We were surprised to find one of the street lights crashed into a tree in the front of the church -- someone must have veered off the road with a bit of speed and made quite the mess.
You can also see my "work station" where I come and blog. With the power situation here I have to get as close to the router as possible and what's left of the men's bathroom seems to do the trick! We go where we need to go to get the job done! It's what makes this work so amazing and always unpredictable.
Please keep this church in your prayers. This rebuilding is going to take financing -- alot of financing. We know God will provide and thank all of you for praying for that provision. God has some amazing plans for this church, the congregation and the entire city. We just pray to stay in His will and allow people to see His hand when they see ours.
Blessings to all of you.
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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