Monday, July 07, 2008

Outreach Jumpstart

Even though the rains returned for a short time this morning it didn't stop our "recharged" Hope Outreach Center from blessing the people all day today!
With the newly restocked rooms, thanks to Convoy of Hope, we opened the doors to rooms filled with products. You can see from the photos that supplies were in abundance and the folks all joined in to help.
Pastor Steve, from Seymour, also came with a group of his youth. They helped pack things for the residents and then carry them out to their cars. Thank goodness for the youth and their strong backs and endless muscles and energy!
This outreach will continue as long as supplies last! Our deepest thanks to Ms Elizabeth and her truckload of donated supplies! Miracle after miracle!
The Indianapolis news team was here this evening doing a live broadcast on 2 new programs. It was amazing to see them pull in the parking lot with their big truck. Pastor A and Pastor Joel did a wonderful job in front of the cameras! God has a sense of humor when it comes to bringing people out of their comfort zones and then empowering them with all that they need!
I spent my day in case management training at the local UNCOR location. They are wonderful at coming in to new disaster situations and offering free training to all who are interested. That will continue all day tomorrow also. After working in this area for going on 3 years I still found the training to be enlightening and know all the newcomers got priceless information.
We are getting closer to finding a location to house the many teams of volunteers who are "waiting in the wings" to schedule a trip. With this church damaged we are unable to house them here. We have some other church prospects who have the facilities and a shower or two. For those of you who are waiting to hear --- hold tight and continue to pray that we find just the right location. The work is plentiful and the workers are calling so it's just getting the both together in a forward rolling motion. Then we all will watch the miracles happen over and over again.
Monty had 2 meeting today. He went to one of the members homes to sit in on a meeting they had with a contractor. He is a retired AG Pastor and in poor health. She is doing the best she can to keep things straight. Their home was completely flooded and will need a major rebuilding job. They will not have the funds they need so we are doing what we can to be of help. Please keep them in your prayers. Being elderly and in poor health and going through all of this can be a really tough road.
His next meeting was in regard to volunteers and it sounds like progress was made. With all of the recovery areas in the beginning stages sometimes things seem to move slower than what people think they should. The process also changes by the day so keeping up with things is also a challenge. Just one of the many things that makes disaster response such an awesome field to be in.
Thanks to all of you who are praying for not only this church but for all the residents of this community and those everywhere who are suffering loss due to natural disasters.
We need to "pump up" our prayers --- a category 3 hurricane already in the waters!!!??? NO ONE along any coast of our nation, or anywhere else, needs this! Please pray it away!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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