Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome Mansfield, Ohio

Today was the day we got to meet the team from Mansfield, Ohio. The Pastor from this church used to be Pastor A's youth Pastor so it was an especially warm welcome! They made the 5 hour drive to work today and tomorrow and work they did!
You can see from the photos that they were involved in a couple of projects. At the top you will see Monty with Bruce who lives across the street in front of the church. I've already told his and his mother's story and today we got to finally get some real help to him. This team stepped in and got busy hanging sheetrock! As you can also see one of the girls volunteered to "get on the wrong end of a shovel" and dig out where Bruce's foundation wall caved in and trapped him in the basement with the rising waters.
A couple more of the team worked in the church continuing to rip out carpeting behind the baptismal area. They were also hauling out more trash and more metal to take to the salvage yard.
Anywhere we needed them-- they were there! They will be staying the night with Pastor A and his family. What a wonderful gesture of gratitude and love. I think I heard they were being treated to a special dessert this evening?!
Today was also the day where the United Way opened their doors to disperse the free furniture that had been donated to them. What a day that was! At last count they figured they helped furnish over 150 homes. They lined up at the outside doors, waited to be called inside, chose what they needed, picked up everything, loaded up and headed home. It was such an amazing blessing to so many who have nothing, think about coming into your home with no furniture, no beds, no anything!!! It's rather mind-boggling!
One special story that I must share with you. Early in the morning a woman came to the center for help. She was a mother with small children and another on the way. When the President of the United Way met her and heard her story he told the case manager to take her downstairs and "get her anything she needs." Now we all knew this President had a big heart but today he wore it on his sleeve and blessed a young mother beyond her wildest imagination! Complete with carseats! Thanks and thanks and thanks again to Dorel for the donations of the furniture!!! God's special angels at work!
We have a thanks and praise report -- Monty's mother was released from the hospital today. She has some rather strict instructions to follow but will be getting better day by day. We thank you for the prayers and have another special request. Our teaching Pastor (Tom) lost his mother yesterday -- on her birthday! She has had some health issues but this was a surprise. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Monty and I were blessed to have dinner at my parent's home this evening. My cousin from Florida, Katy, and her 2 precious little boys are here for a visit. We usually miss out on her visits because we are gone but tonight we were so happy to be able to have an evening to visit. Her youngest is nearly 3 and it's the first time we have seen him! I hope to see them quite a few times in the week they will be here. Just an added blessing God has given us -- being able to do our disaster ministry at home!!!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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