Friday, March 07, 2008

Welcome Home Virgil

Yes, today was his day! Virgil can officially move into his new home!

Virgil (middle) sits with his mother and brother on his new couch! He promises that many a nap will be taken on that couch!

The Iowa team did a wonderful job this week! If you don't remember, this was the very first team that worked in Virgil's house, many many months ago. Mike and his crew replaced areas of subflooring that had rotted through as a result of the water of the storm. They also started the sheetrocking process. And now God brought them back "for such a time as this" and they were blessed to be the last team to put the finishing touches on and dedicate his home today. Pastor Freddie came and had a wonderful ceremony while Carla and Dot added the cookies and drinks! It was a wonderful afternoon, filled with prayers, smiles, hugs and more thanks than anyone could express! Virgil, Dwight and their mother expressed their gratitude and love to all those who had a part in rebuilding their lives. They acknowledged that without God leading the volunteers here to the coast they would not have a home!

It's afternoons like this that renew our strength, renew our hope and remind us even more that "with God NOTHING is impossible."

After the dedication we enjoyed a final meal with the team as they will be heading back to the extreme cold and snow of home tomorrow. Please pray for their safety as the weather is gets worse and worse the farther north they go.

The other half of the team also completed Sam's today. Mike and his absolutely miraculous work of installing the crown was amazing and completely transformed the house. There will be one more team this coming week. They will wrap up minor details inside and at the same time will be working on the outside of his home. Sam's dedication will be scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Be sure and stay tuned for those pictures.

The clearing of the land for Ms Ollie's upcoming build is now complete. We had terrible storms blow through here last night. The winds were near 70 mph and the rain came in buckets. We now need some sunshine to dry out the land as we will begin the foundation work on Tuesday. Her lot currently looks like a swimming pool but with a little sunshine it will dry out and be ready to go -- or atleast get as "dry" as possible here along the water!

Please continue to keep this project, and all those involved, in your prayers. Today I spent way more time than I would like in the process of battling the demons coming against the project. I always know when I'm on the right track because that's when satan seems to be relentless -- and today was one of those days! As Ms Ollie said, "we need to pray to kick satan to the curb" and I can only agree 100% with her!

As sad as we were to see our family from Iowa head back home we are also excited that our own hometown church will be arriving tomorrow evening! Rob is bringing a crew that will be working in Ms Darlene's home all next week. We pray for their safe travel also.

And on Sunday evening another hometown church will be arriving to spread their own blessings among different jobs in different homes.

Totalling together we will have nearing 40 volunteers from our hometown!!! We are SOOOO excited!

Be sure and keep a watch for all that is and will be happening. God is moving here on the coast like never before and pray that Monty and I can stay focused on the calling He has placed on our lives -- help the people!

Blessings until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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