Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's going to take a crow-bar

The first two photos are at Sam's house. The women are enjoying the wonderful sunshine by painting trim. Mike is working absolute miracles with the crown molding. He was smiling from ear to ear this morning, ready to run. His new gun is working and if we don't be careful we might see him working way into the nights! Sam's house is transforming before my eyes! It looks like the dedication will be held next week as we now want to bring in one of our incoming teams next week to do the painting of the outside and replace one of the columns that broke during the storm.
Virgil's is also looking like brand new! He was right in there with the team and told me "it'll take a crow-bar to get this smile off my face!" Both he and his brother are going to move in when it is completed. They should be able to do so this weekend! Immediately after the storm we found out his brother was homeless, got him a FEMA trailer and now he is anxiously awaiting the move into a real home! He hasn't seen as much of the house as Virgil as he fell and injured his ankle so he's in a wheel chair. I know he'll be there for the dedication Friday!! This team is also working wonders! I heard through the grapevine that the wife of the "new" couple doesn't want to go home!! Amazing!! A God - thing!
The literal ground breaking of Ms Ollie will begin tomorrow. George will move in with his equipment, dig up the existing slab, remove the damaged chain link fencing that surrounds the property and cut down the debris from dead trees and such. He says he will be done by Friday! Be sure and stay tuned as you know I'll be there trying to capture it with my camera so you can get a small vision of what it happening.
Joe is busy trying to continue his work from "up north" and all seems to be falling into place. BUT --- continue to pray!! We ALL need it!
Until next time . . . Blessings to all, Susan and Monty

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