Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain delays but still forward

Yes, we awoke to the sound of rain pouring down -- again! And from the sound of things we aren't the only ones! In speaking with my mother this morning (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM) she was telling me about the roads that are closed due to flooding!
Thus the photo at the top showing the red clay dirt being brought in for the building of Ms Ollie's home and the trackhoe NOT moving around! But the sunshine is now out and the winds are blowing quite strong so tomorrow should be a productive day!
The next 3 photos could be the Three Stooges but we'd rather refer to them as our family! Gregg and wife Pam and Diane make dreams come true! They are in Ms Darlene's house putting the last touches on the sheetrocked walls. Take note that the women are applying the mud while Gregg is the official sander! Thus the white specs covering that photo. It's not a lousy photo, it's reality! At the speed this team works they will be priming and painting before Ms Darlene can catch her breath!
I also got the blessing of being able to speak with Beth, one of the leaders of our California school who took their spring break trip to a church south of New Orleans; St Bernard's Parrish. The students have been in shock most of the week. The true reality of flooding is literally "in their faces" 24/7 and they had no idea the level of destruction! We are thrilled that so many of them decided to come down and really WORK during their school break! One of their main concerns is "why are the relief agencies closing their doors?" Hearing the answers of "the funding is running out AND the volunteers have slowed down to nearly none" doesn't rebuild lives and this team realizes it but can't accept it! We pray they take this heart and this voice back home with them. We pray God will use both their hearts and their voices to reach the nation and we will be able to get the people back into their homes before the next storm season arrives on June 1st.
Today comes but once, my friend,
It never can return --
So use it wisely while you can,
There's a lesson you may learn!
Until tomorrow . . . Bless you! Susan and Monty

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