Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a great Good Friday

We passed!!!!

The hauling of red dirt is complete, the laying out of the house (for the 2nd time) is complete, the footers have been dug, the inspector has been there (on his holiday) and we passed the inspection, he took down our Stop Work order and the footers are being poured as i write this!!!

Tomorrow the blocks will be layed and also poured with concrete. When you raise the foundation of a home to 9 feet in the air it takes more work than one can imagine!

God has shined His grace on us today!! The sun is shining, the winds are light and blowing to dry things and our sins have ALL been forgiven! What a glorious day!!

AND . . . Gregg, Pam and Diane are working more miracles in Ms Darlene's home. Ms Darlene hasn't even seen what is happening there as she became a brand new grandmother last night at 7pm. Her grandson came into this world weighing nearly 8 pounds and mother and son are doing fine. Grandmother just might faint when she walks into her home and sees the amazing trim nearly complete on all her windows, rooms being primed and her bedroom painted!!!

Like I said, what a glorious Good Friday!

It's nice to have such positive reports coming from all around! The spiritual battles have been fierce! And I would be a fool to think they aren't just around the next corner. BUT -- I know Who has already won the war! And this Sunday I pray we ALL will be in church to celebrate that victory!!!

Have a blessed Easter! Susan and Monty

PS Happy 95th Birthday to my grandmother! I am SO sorry we cannot be there to celebrate with you! Keep on getting better and we will see you as soon as we can! I love you!!!!!!!!

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