Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rejoice, again I say Rejoice!

Yes, we have photos!
The top 2 are at Thomas and Debra's home. Cabinets and counter tops are being installed along with anything else needed to get this family settled into their home! Girls are using power tools == what an awesome site! These teams are taking the time to teach the younger team members AND the homeowners! Amazing ministry going on!
The next 2 photos are at Sam's where the outside is being primed and painted. The rains slowed things down a bit this morning but when the sun came out so did the energy of the team and away they went!
The next 2 are at Robert's home. They have completely transformed his laundry room into a laundry room! They are also painting in the kitchen and doing so many odds and ends it was impossible to capture it all on film! Robert is following along with them in amazement!
The next 2 are at Mercy's home. She is getting her hallway painted, something she has been waiting for months to get done. Her son in law has been working there on weekends after working all week and just couldn't get it all done. She is also getting her leaking windows rebuilt and sealed, both inside and outside! She can't wipe the smile from her face!
The last 2 are at Darlene's home. The team is sheetrocking faster than the electrician can complete his job! The sheds out back have new roofs and no longer leak. The team brought in more sheetrock for the ceilings and are transforming this shell into a real home.
Ms Ollie's foundation will not start tomorrow as planned = too wet! There is standing water in quite a few locations and so please pray that the sun will shine and the winds will blow so the drying will go quickly! Building in swamp areas is more than rough!
Stepfund's home will be sprayed for mold tomorrow and the electric, plumbing and HVAC work will begin.
As you can tell, things are happening at the speed of light around here! Having 2 teams from our hometown is beyond awesome! Seeing all of them each morning at devotions just warms our hearts and ministers to us far more than they can know! All report they are sleeping well and also not missing a meal! And watching the younger ones learn and grow is also amazing! The younger boys at Darlene's are putting wall insulation in and will learn just how good a cold shower can feel tonight! The cold water is the quickest way to get rid of the itch! And even at those thoughts they are smiling and laughing and working away!
We thank each family who sent a loved one to work with us this week! You not only sent hope and love to the residents here, you sent hope and love to both Monty and I. Bless you!
I do have a rather personal prayer request. My grandmother will turn 95 on Easter Sunday and is not doing well. She has been in a nursing home for quite some time but health wise has been fine. Her only problems have been diminishing eyesight and hearing. My mother tells me she is not doing well and has really gone "downhill" lately. Please pray for her and for my entire family. This is another of those times where being so far from home is difficult, to say the least!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Christine said...

amazing... you are just cranking out the work at an inspired pace! Praise God for providing all that is needed to keep hauling away and building up. It's wonderful and the joy in your writing is blinding. :)

wish I could be there. I am in spirit. Please pray that my spirit would be restored like these houses.