Friday, March 28, 2008

Setting the Stage

Day One = setting the stage!!
What an amazing start! Clear skies and temps hovering around 80.
Joe and Crysta arrived at the Gulfport airport early this morning and as soon as we picked them up we headed to the jobsite.
Monty had a special errand to run -- Salvation Army donated a pallet -- yes, a pallet -- of water! He took the box truck and away he went to get it picked up! It will be amazing to see how quickly it goes! We are so very thankful to them for such a needed donation!
Once we hit the site we got straight to work. The subflooring needed some finishing touches as you can see above. Good thing the men come equipped with such muscles! The deliveries started right at 8am and continued till near 5pm. You can see in the one photo both Joe and Monty on the equipment getting everything stacked properly. The bulk of them showed up at high noon, just as our lunch was being delivered by Ms Anita and her husband. They cooked up authentic Mexican cuisine for us and it was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all as you can see in the above photo. They are doing the same thing for us tomorrow! Way over a year ago we went into their trailer park and helped them rebuild from the storm. Now they are giving back and it is just so incredible to see how God works in everything!
Most all material is on the job except for sheetrock and materials with it. That will be coming on Monday and will be hung as fast as we can unload it from the truck.
The "drive - bys" of people looking has already begun! We have signs posted at each end of the property stating "Nothing is too hard for God" and we all have plastic wristbands stating the same thing. This entire project is thanks to God and His blessings. I will quote one of Monty's quotes, "if it's something I want to do, if it's something I can do and if it's something that is possible -- then it isn't God" and that spells out this project to the letter!
We were able to get volunteer security for tonight and tomorrow night, thanks to yet another relief effort here in town. It does make me more than a bit nervous to have materials for an entire house sitting where another truck could pull up and decide to use things on their own house! We are so thankful to Central Church of Christ for making it possible for all of us to sleep a bit sounder tonight!
By the end of the day most everyone was more than a bit tired and also more than a bit pink in skin tone! A good evening meal with all of us together was the added boost we needed. And now a night of sleep will have everyone up and ready to go tomorrow. Our goal is to dig the 3 piers that will hold up the front porch and also dig for the plumbing lines to be run.
Then Sunday morning will be the official kick off with devotions and prayers.
Like I said, be sure and stay tuned . . . Nothing IS too hard for God! We stand firm on His promise and pray that His glory will be what every passer by will see!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

I am from WV and my husband works with Joe W, we have been keeping up with all the progress. I just wanted to say that I think it is a wonderful thing that you all are doing. I will be praying for all and for the family this home is being built for. May God Bless each of you in your venture.

Dan& Rose M. WV