Thursday, March 20, 2008

Waiting . . .

Yes, we wait -- and Diane, Pam and Gregg just keep working away. They have a couple of extra "paws" there today. Ms Darlene's daughter is at the hospital - in labor - as I write. So the team is watching over her lab and Gregg and Pam have their own "Cooper" with them so it's quite a busy day!! The house is looking great and they hope to be priming yet today or tomorrow. Gregg is installing window trim while the girls work the walls. What an amazing team!!

The "red" photos show the continuation of clay dirt being hauled into Ms Ollie's lot. At this very moment we are awaiting word from the city building department about doing an inspection for us tomorrow! You would think that would not be a problem?? Check your calendars and see that tomorrow is Good Friday and all government offices are closed! I just came from there and did everything but beg -- I actually did that also -- for an inspector to take time and give us the inspection and okay tomorrow. We cannot pour for the foundation until it has been inspected and if we have to wait until Monday . . . every single minute is critical when we are on this kind of time frame! And all I can do is sit and wait --- and that's something I don't do well!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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