Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Ready!

Here it stands -- subflooring on and ready to get started Sunday morning! As you can tell by Monty standing there that it is a bit in the air. Thus the reason it will be a "hard hat" work zone for the entire time.

You can also see where the red dirt came in to play and that it is as leveled off as possible -- for now.

As for the flooring "issue" from yesterday -- I know many of you must have been praying because we finally heard from the salesman this afternoon that the flooring has been located at another store branch and WILL be delivered with the remaining materials this Friday! Thank you for those prayers and remember to keep them going as I do know there will be more "issues" and they will pop up when we least expect them!

Gregg, Pam and Diane were working in two homes at once today. They managed to complete the sheetrock repairs at the one and finish laying the cement board for the ceramic tiling that will go into Ms Darlene's home! What an amazing job they have done and Ms Darlene can not only see the light at the end of the tunnel -- she has a hope and inner joy that can only come from seeing Jesus in the volunteers that have spent so much time, effort and love in her home! She only lives a block from Ms Ollie's so I know we will be seeing alot of her next week.

The teams coming from WV, WI, FL and GA will start their travels over the next couple of days. Please remember to pray for their safety as they travel. Some are coming pulling tool trailers that are loaded down and could use some extra prayers as they make the long trip. All will be here and at the opening on Sunday morning.

I promise to do my very best to keep all of you updated on a daily basis during the build. Please understand that we do not have internet access in our trailer so I will need to be elsewhere to blog. The teams will be working from 7am to 11pm each day and we will be on site nearly every hour. If you find misspellings please know that it is probably because I am a bit tired but yet filled with so much enthusiasm that making my fingers "behave" might be more of a struggle than usual!

Tomorrow is a "mental" preparation day for us. We are about to begin a 9 day run with hours that will equal over 2 weeks! Pray for us and we thank you for doing so!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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