Monday, March 10, 2008

Indiana X 2 = Double the blessings!

Okay, I know you expected photos already and I apologize -- I left my computer in the camper this morning and therefore - no photos. I am using a borrowed one so be sure and tune in tomorrow as I will have some then.

Our weekend was another of those working ones. We bid farewell to our Iowa team Friday night and early Saturday morning they were back on the road to the freezing northern temps. I am certain they were wanting to take the warm sunshine here up there with them.

By Saturday early evening we welcomed 2 men from our hometown home church team. Rob and Rich got an early start -- driving through over 6" of snow and uncleared roads to get here. Rob wanted to be able to see Ms Darlene's house and be totally prepared to go to work this morning. The rest of our Vineyard team finally arrived by early evening. They actually came in 3 groups totaling 9 people. After church and lunch yesterday we made the trip to see Ms Darlene's home. There they met not only her but her daughters and more of her family. And, of course, she was in tears at just the thought of them returning this morning and knowing they would be working in her home all week long. Rob has a great group working with him and we know God will be all over them and the home all week!

The other portion of our hometown also arrived early last evening. Clear Creek came in 5 vehicles. There are 25 of them so it took some time getting them settled in. They are housed with another team from Tennessee, thus taking time to get settled. It was so great to see them and to see so many new faces.

Early this morning we all gathered for devotions. It's the only way to start the day! Immediately after the devotions we dismissed the Vineyard team to head out to work. It took some time getting all the jobs lined out and the teams divided to do the jobs for Clear Creek. They were right on it and were divided and ready to go in no time. They are working at 4 sites today and depending on weather and work they might be there all week or they might be moved to more. We take one day at a time here!

Part of the Clear Creek team returned to Sam's to finish the crown and lay flooring inside. They will also be installing 2 broken pillars, doing some repairs to the siding and painting the outside of the home.

Another part of them is at Ms Mercy's house working on her windows and anything else she needed. She has window damage from the water coming in and it will take some work getting them corrected and looking like new.

Yet another part of them is at Mr Robert's house. He has alot of places on his ceilings where water damaged the sheetrock. The laundry room ceiling had to be replaced and the others just worked on. He also has a back door with a water damaged frame so this team will also most likely stay busy throughout the week.

The last Clear Creek groups is over near Biloxi at Ms Debra's house. They are working in the kitchen and wrapping up some last minute carpentry jobs. Even though the city address is Biloxi it is still in Jackson County.

Like I said, this is quite the week with blessings -- and "opportunities" all around. We are so thankful to both of these teams for taking their Spring Breaks and coming here to bless the people. When I think about all the people laying on beaches soaking up the rays and then see that these people chose to come here and work . . . I know God is smiling!!

Please keep all of these team members in your prayers. Safety is always our main concern and the more the volunteers the more the chance of someone being injured. We know they are covered by God's protection and that's all that matters.

An update on Ms Ollie -- we are awaiting word from the planning department to issue the building permit -- hopefully today as the foundation work is scheduled to begin in the morning.

Until next time . . .

PS Please pray for Diane as she is headed into TN to see what she can do to help those who suffered such catastrophic loss in the recent tornadoes!

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