Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keep marching forward . . .let God have the rest . . .

The top left photo is at our morning devotion time. Each morning we begin with a devotion, a thought to carry us through the day. It's been great to have both hometown teams together and to see so many familiar faces each morning.

The right photo is the latest view of Ms Ollie's soon to be home. Yes, there are still a few puddles of water from the removal of the past foundation so no work has been able to begin. We are praying for tomorrow but it doesn't look likely as there are more thunderstorms in the forecast. We need a couple of dry days, one to dig the holes and another to pour the footers to place the pylons on. Since the house must stand 9 foot in the air the pylons must be atleast 4 feet into the ground. We need all the prayers we can get as trying to get anything "dry" while living in a swamp next to the bay is not an easy feat!

The next left photo is Verda, Robert and Jackie's dog! She is as broad as she is long and has been soaking up all the attention from the team working in the home! Jackie doesn't recognize her laundry room as it has been transformed, complete with a new vinyl floor! They also have been paintig walls and redoing ceilings!

Next right photo is showing the rebuilding of Ms Mercy's windows. They had rotted underneath due to the storm and this team completely rebuilt them and I know they are better than before the storm! When this team finished her house yesterday evening they told how she cried when they left and told one team member that God had placed a calling on his life to return to this area and when he answered that call he was more than welcome to come and live in her home! A true God-thing . . . again! He will be heading back home to do some powerful praying!

Next left is what someone looks like while mudding sheetrock! This man (Rob) does this sort of thing for a living and to watch him is to watch magic! He and this team have transformed not only Ms Darlene's home but also Ms Darlene! I don't think the smile can be removed from her face and her daughters are doing alot of hanging around the house just to watch all that is happening!

The final right photo is Jonathan at work installing insulation! He and his friend, Luke, have been at this for a couple of days and although they have learned so much they are too young to realize it! They just laugh knowing that the best way to get insulation off your skin is to take a really cold shower!! They should be completed with that job today and were wondering what the next "lovely" job will be for them!

Another part of the team started a new job at David's house today. They are also hanging sheetrock and doing whatever needs to get him done. David's mother is having surgery so he has more than a couple irons in the fire!

Even more of them are still in Biloxi at Tom and Debbie's continuing to rebuild their lives by doing whatever needs to be done! Debbie has even been up and out of her wheelchair more since they have been there.

And not to forget about the team at Sam's! They are not only priming and painting and rebuilding the outside of his home they are working on breaking up his patio that broke into 4 pieces from the storm! And then they are also inside installing his washer and dryer and finishing his crown!

As you can see by all of this that these teams have been incredible! It's just so difficult to relay the emotions and things that are going on! They have come in to do whatever needs done, made the trips to get the things to get it done and at the same time transformed the lives of all the homeowners! And then there is the transformation of each team member within their own team!

We all attended church together last night and the Pastor mentioned that there were 3 churches represented inside that building and just as Jesus said, when you have 3 cords bound together they are unbreakable!

That same Pastor called me this morning to get the addresses of where the teams are working so he and his wife could go and visit them and take photos! In the nearly 2 and 1/2 years we have been here doing this -- this is the first Pastor who has asked to do such a thing! It sure did brighten the faces of the teams to realize this Pastor cared so much for them and wanted to come to them and personally thank them!
We thank those of you who sent us your family members. Even though we know you are anxiously awaiting for them to return home I must admit we would love to keep each and every one of them!!!
Bless you for your prayers and please keep them going! The spiritual battles are tough and seem relentless! We must be doing the right thing!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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