Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Challenges" continue

This dog's face says it all!

The good news: Gregg, Pam and Diane are wrapping up yet another home! We did a complete rebuild and then the plumber had to return and make a mess of one wall! After today that mess will look like new and we will pronounce it "Done"! Once again, thanks to volunteers who allow the Lord to work through them to change and rebuild lives.

The bad news: the entire flooring package for Ms Ollie's home isn't in the store! As per the manager "I'll do everything I can to get it to you on Friday." His "everything" better be good enough!

Those last minute "challenges" that will pop up just when you least expect it --- and they won't stop until we reach heavens gates -- of that I am certain!

Until next time . . . please keep up the prayers . . . they are our power to defeat!

Blessings, Susan and Monty

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