Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Iowa survives storms and "opportunities"

Yes, they thought the snow at home wasn't fun!

They now know the storms that hit the coast also aren't fun -- especially when they hit in the middle of the night!

They were all safe and sound thanks to Kay and her praying. So were we! Even though we got up and headed to the local shelter we escaped the worst of the storms and were back in our beds less than 2 hours later at 2AM. That intercessory prayer really works! We had no idea Kay was up praying but now we know why the storms missed us! Bless you Kay!

After our morning devotions the team split back into the two groups they are working and headed off to Virgil's and Sam's to continue their work. Yesterday had been the usual Monday filled with "opportunities" mixed with a bit of confusion. Mondays are always that way and even though this team has been here either 4 or 5 times those Mondays can be a bit frustrating!

By the time we stopped to check in with them this afternoon they were working a bit smoother -- except for Mike's new "opportunity" with his nail gun! When I last spoke with him he was headed to the city to the west of us to return his brand new nail gun for another brand new one! He is installing molding in Sam's home and the gun quit. Unlike the gun, Mike will not quit and headed to make sure he would be able to continue his work!

Both of these homes are coming along wonderfully! It's amazing what just cleaning can do! And this is THE team to do it! The women are busy cleaning and cleaning and then more cleaning! They are transforming both homes and with a little bit of luck and a little bit more prayer they will have them both completed by the end of the week and we will be able to dedicate them and turn them over to the homeowner!

Monty and I met with homeowners this morning who lost everything. Their home was another one that was completely lost, wiped away. The husband is undergoing dialysis and having much difficulty. The story goes on and on and we are at step one as to how we can possibly help them. The list of people in this situation continues to grow and we continue to try, one family at a time. We are so thankful to teams such as this Iowa team who also share the heart to work wherever needed, doing whatever is needed and giving it their all. God has special rewards for them when they get to heaven!

Blessings to all until next time. . . Susan and Monty

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