Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The look of progress

Gregg, Pam and Diane all working away at Ms Katrina's house. They not only removed all the carpeting from the bedrooms and replaced it with laminate wood flooring they also cleaned and painted the 3 bedrooms! It looks beautiful and the family was thrilled. We sort of caught them off guard with our call yesterday morning saying we had volunteers coming in but they welcomed the team and by the end of the day were sad to see them leave!
The bottom 2 photos are at Ms Ollie's. We have had a bit more than our share of "challenges" with the groundwork but things are moving forward. The city required us to bring in clay dirt before starting the construction of the pillars to raise the home. That is being done as I write and so we are moving forward. Working in soil that is only a few blocks from the water is not an easy task. The water table is very high right now and the rains have not helped us. But --- we ARE moving forward and God is on our side!
Until tomorrow . . . blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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