Monday, March 17, 2008


Okay, thought you might get a laugh out of this!! It was sent to me via email and I thought it was a riot!!

Where do I begin? Oh yes -- with all those people who (once again) managed to keep secrets from me!!! Let's see -- Joe, my own mother, Gregg, Pam, nearly all the local Pastors here and who knows who else!!

Yes, yesterday after church Monty and I were both VERY surprised to have Diane pop in where we were eating lunch!!! We had NO idea she was coming but evidently many!!! others did! I cannot tell you how good it was to see her!! Life just isn't the same when she isn't here along side of us!

We DID know that Pam and Gregg were returning to work with us for the next 3 weeks. When they left their home in South Dakota is was 18 BELOW zero! We have them, their rig and their dog parked east of town at one of our favorite churches and they are loving the warmth and sunshine! We are also SO glad to see them!

With all 3 of them here things just feel as they should. Only problem is that we know we can't keep them!

Now, back to another part of the weekend.

Our hometown church team from Vineyard left in 3 shifts on Saturday. And the entire team from Clear Creek left very early that morning also. We bid farewell to Clear Creek that morning before and were speechless when it came to ways to thank them. To have a team of 25 come in and be completely self sufficient is nothing short of a miracle. And it WAS miraculous to see what they did in the homes and what they did in the lives of the homeowners! Our hope is that they carry that love back into their own homes and areas and realize just how awesome our God really is!

Vineyard, like I said, left in 3 shifts. We did hear from them yesterday and they all arrived home safely. Rob and Rich worked into the afternoon before leaving and when they did leave they had all the ceilings in Ms Darlene's home completely textured and done! She is now ready for priming and painting of the walls and before long she will be looking at a real home! When we stopped by to see her today you could still see the light of her smile beaming above her MEMA cottage!

Our foundation work for Ms Ollie's home is coming along. The weather has put us all to the test! Trying to get soil "dry" while living in a swamp isn't easy. They did get some digging done for the footers today but then hit a water line. That was taken care of quickly and we are moving forward. Please pray that the weather will stay dry for only a couple more days so the footers can be dug and concrete poured -- then the weather affected parts of the job will be complete. Going 9 feet in the air is a task in itself, without the weather causing difficulties! I am literally standing on the promises of God in knowing this will get done in the time frame we need!

Construction is scheduled to begin 2 weeks from yesterday! We thank you for your prayers! Ms Ollie has been waiting on a home for over 2 years and with the help of God we intend to put her in a new home 2 weeks from this Saturday! God told her it would be April when she got a new home and he showed me the foundation in a dream so between the both of us we know this is annointed by God and He never calls us into a project without His promise of fulfillment!

We thank you for your prayers. As per my mother, my grandmother is doing a bit better and should be celebrating her 95th birthday this Sunday!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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