Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Washington comes in mid-week

This was taken from the back door of a house that has been gutted out. Yes, those are weeds, not trees. If the homeowner doesn't get the yard cleaned up they will not only be fined but also in danger of having the house demolished.

Our California men are working, working, working. A couple of them worked at St. Luke's again today with the flooring, trim and doors. Monty joined them and it's really starting to come together. All I need to do is get over there and put my office area back together and we will be good to go.

Another part of the team was only a couple of houses away from here at the East location doing construction.

Still others were working in Inez's home doing whatever they could do. Inez and her husband were living in another part of the city but it wasn't safe for them to stay there so they had to move back into their home with no walls, flooring or bedroom. These men working there are the perfect example of what it means to rebuild someones life by rebuilding their home!

By late this evening our newest incoming team, once again from the state of Washington, arrived. This is a youth group who will be ministering to the city folks in alot of different ways over the next week.

Us "long term" volunteers met at Pastor Teresa's house for our usual dinner and fellowship evening. It's such a blessing to all of us to have a pastor who wants to make sure that all of us that are on the "front lines" are being ministered to! We always leave feeling refueled for the rest of the week! She had been gone for the past 2 weeks and I think she missed us as much as we missed her!

And of course the heavy rains also came back late this afternoon! They come nearly every day and today it was a big one complete with lightning and thunder! We all are keeping a very close eye on the weather since we are in the middle of the hurricane season.

We would ask for special prayers for the disaster that happened in Minnesota this evening. The bridge over the Mississippi river collapsed during the height of rush hour. Three of our long term volunteers are from Minnesota and would appreciate prayers for those of their home state.

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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