Monday, August 06, 2007

WA and MN and NJ

First of all -- so sorry folks but my email account is still down!! Please bear with me!!

Monty took these photos. This is what some little girls' baby dolls look like after the storm and flood! They are in the dashboard of someones truck. Brings a bit of harsh reality to everything.

Yes, we have 3 states here for the beginning of the week. Washington is here until Wednesday. Today they made preparations for the cookout they will hold at St. Lukes tomorrow early evening. They took flyers around the neighborhood to let as many know as possible. I think that word of mouth will bring in people by the droves!

Our Minnesota team has a couple of people who have done roofing before so they went to the roofing job that Jansen and the team worked on last week. Now please realize that roofing alone is not an easy job. Throw in a day with heat warnings and bright sunshine and you have a really tough day! They were on the roof until noon and then the heat drove them off. They were able to join another group and hang some sheetrock inside. Even that is tough as there is no air conditioning but no one complains! Jessica from New Jersey worked with this team today and this evening they are also all together in town seeing some of the sights.

Monty and I had the pleasure of driving to Mississippi to tap into one of our resources for some furniture for Javante and his family. It was amazing as the donor knew the furniture was coming to New Orleans and it made no difference. She has a wonderful heart of service and we are so thankful to her. The family had smiles that stretched clear across their faces when we pulled up and they saw the load hanging off the back of Monty's truck! As always, God brings the people to us and He also provides for them! What an awesome "job" we have. The trip did take us all day as we had a couple of tire "issues" but God also stepped in on those and we were fine.

We do have a very special prayer request this evening. First thing this morning we had a voice mail from our very dear friends back home. Debbie and Darrel have been good friends for years. When Debbie's mother passed away a few years ago they brought her father up from Texas, added on and completely remodeled their house and he became a live in part of their family. His health wasn't good and it didn't improve when he got here but emotionally he loved being with family. Debbie called to say that he passed away and they were on their way to Texas to bury him. Monty and I would really appreciate all of you keeping them in your prayers! We all know the angels are rejoicing but he will be missed by not only their family but also their friends!

We pray all of you are well.

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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