Friday, August 17, 2007

Thank you Pennsylvania

Yes, very early this morning we said a tearful goodbye to our PA team. The group photo was taken last night after our testimony service. Getting 21 people together for a photo isn't an easy task. And yes, adding 1 from NJ made the family complete! We pray they will have safe travel again tomorrow. They were driving part way today, stopping for the night and should arrive late tomorrow. We thank them for everything they did and most of all for coming back to work with Monty and I. What a great team - and family!!
Once we bid them farewell the rest of us got busy. We had alot we needed to accomplish and a time period to get them done.
Our first stop was to the School of Urban Missions location. They are closing down both the school and relief center on the West Bank here. They have already been more than generous with their supplies and had some tents for us to pick up this morning. Once we got them loaded on the trailer we headed to our warehouse to unload them.
From there we headed back to where we live to unload the doors given to us. Those doors came from Mississippi. Mark went and picked them up Wednesday but our truck broke down, with all the doors loaded on it. The wrecker showed up with the truck in tow very late last night. The doors had to be unloaded from the truck and reloaded on the trailer to be taken to the warehouse. The dark clouds were coming at us from both sides but we made it and it never even rained where we were. We were soaking wet, sweating was once again too easy today! And working in the warehouse manages to mix black dirt in with that sweat making for quite the mess. But we got it done and were back in enough time to shower before our evening appointment.
We were invited to Papa and Mama Dufor's home for a cookout this evening. They live on the water and their home was hit with the 30foot surge of water in the storm. They received alot of damage, said they found seaweed bound up UNDER their shingles on their roof! They aren't done yet but they are living back in the house and waiting for FEMA to come and pick up their trailer.
Papa had his fishing poles ready to go and Monty had his loaded. There was an awful lot of fishing going on and you can see by the photo that Janssen was the one who brought in "the big one"! And it WAS a big one! Monty got the net underneath and they discovered the huge redfish! Everyone had a great time. We even got out in the canoes and took a "stroll" through the area. It was good for all of us to get away and relax, laugh, eat and have some fun! It was especially fun since Janssen will be heading home tomorrow. He is planning on returning but what a way to "go out".
I have a couple of special notes.
1. We found a small leather Bible underneath one of the beds here at the East location. It belongs to someone named Heather Nicole and is signed by her parents. We would love to return it to you but don't know exactly who you are and where you are. If you will leave a comment at the end of the blog I will do my best to return it to you.
2. Someone named Judy also commented about possibly returning to work with us for a longer time. I am sorry to say that your name doesn't ring a bell with me and I need more info. You can also leave your info in the comment section (I won't publish any comments with personal information in them).
We would also ask for prayers in regard to hurricane Dean. No one or no place along the entire Gulf of Mexico is ready for another hurricane. Please pray that this storm will lessen in strength.
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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