Thursday, August 02, 2007

Miracles mixed with sweat

A variety of pictures that don't begin to describe the day!
You might ask why people are cutting grass in the sunshine on an extremely hot day? It's one of those joy of the Lord things! Even cutting grass that took twice as long because of the height of the grass! Most of the youth from Washington spent the entire day walking through the neighborhood doing yard work and it was fantastic! I was looking through the gate at the church when I took the one of Allen mowing (actually he grooms the lawn).
The next two show the awesome cross inlaid in tiles inside the sanctuary at St. Luke's. These men and their creativity is incredible. Monty asked them to put in a cross in the area and put in a cross they did! You can see the over-view under the arch and get the big picture.
The next two are the men installing carpeting in the house across the street from the church. Once again, a job well done!
The last two introduce Beau and Inez and their home. They were living in an apartment after being flooded from this home. The apartment was broken into two times and they were forced to leave and return to their house. The walls are missing in most places and they have no furniture. But ... this team is working wonders and not only with the building itself! Beau is a man who doesn't say much, has a few mental difficulties and isn't cognitive most of the time. But I witnessed another miracle this morning. I was sittting on the swing with the both of them, waiting on the team so I could get some photos. When that team pulled up and Beau saw the men he lit up like a light bulb! He greeted them with a smile and started talking like there was absolutely nothing wrong with him! It's those kinds of relationships that change lives, both of the homeowner and the team!
There was still another crew on top of a roof all day! The last place you would want to be on a day like this? Not for this team. They came back all smiles underneath some sunburn and said the breeze and the water made it a really great day!
This evening we had our weekly chapel time where team members can give a testimony about anything that has happened while they have been here. Amazing that after nearly 2 hours we have to stop due to the late hour! One God-thing after another!! It just seems to happen on a daily basis around here! And we are the blessed ones to be here on a daily basis to experience them all! We thank you for making that possible and for sharing in the blessings!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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