Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two more head home to MN

Here is a great photo of all the long term volunteers. Today we bid farewell to 2 more of them.
Ciri and Brandon headed back home to Minnesota this evening. If felt like having my own children leave! Both have been here for about 2 months and in those months everyone becomes family. We pray for their safe travel as they have such a long way to go.
Ciri owns her own Irish Dance Studio at home and took time this summer to teach the church children to dance. This morning they dance for all of us in church and I have no doubt that the Lord was smiling from ear to ear! They were dancing for the Lord and it showed in every step, in every move and in every smile! Ciri will not only be missed by us here but also by those children whose lives she touched so deeply.
Brandon asked us to not do any more work in Laura's house unless he was here! He took ownership of all the work done there and hated to leave. He learned to hang sheetrock and could work right along side of the pros. He might have a quiet nature in social situations but put him on the job and he takes hold of it!
It's so hard to see these "kids" leave. They really have been like my own children and have, at times, made me miss my own a bit less. I truly believe that God placed each one of them here to add to my kids and allow me to love them as if they were my own. He has a way of doing things like that!
We are still keeping a very close eye on hurricane Dean and praying for the Lord to blow it out before it causes any more damage! Please join us in those prayers. We have lived and seen and experienced first hand what happens with these storms. The destruction lives on after the storm has blown through and has collapsed. We are nearing the 2 year anniversary here and in most areas it looks like we should be 2 months after the storm instead of years! You have seen the photos. Some of you have seen it first hand and know exactly what I am talking about! Again, please join us in this prayer.
I want to also let you know that blog entries will be off and on over the next days. Monty and I have quite a list of business that needs taken care of. Our access to the internet will also be off and on so please bear with us and also keep us in your prayers.
Until next time . . . God bless all of you! Susan and Monty

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