Thursday, August 09, 2007

Church Decorating

Yes, today was decorate the church day. Ciri and I shopped most of the morning picking up things she had already picked out, and some things she hadn't. You can see her putting together a couple of the chairs that go with the table she picked out. The entrance of the church has now been transformed.

You can see where Monty spent most of his day! And this is a man who doesn't like heights!! Seriously -- he usually avoids them at all cost but I guess working in God's house makes anything possible. He was busy hanging crosses above the arches in the church. There are 4 arches on each side of the sanctuary and a cross hangs above each one. You can see that the church is block which is why it survived the flood of 11 feet inside but also makes hanging things on the walls quite the challenge!

Ciri still has quite a few things going and day by day it is coming together! She is doing such a wonderful job and it's good to see Pastor Teresa smile when she comes into the sanctuary.

The MN team and NJ Jess were busy putting in the last of the insulation and hanging and finishing sheetrock. They were going back and forth between 2 houses, both of which are right here in our neighborhood. They have the roof job finished and even though it was more than hot up there it's also hot inside homes because of no air conditioning.

Speaking of the heat, our LOW last night was 86 degrees! Today was the hottest yet and there is no break in site. Even inside the church, with the air on, we were all 3 soaked clear through everything! Even the teams had a tough time getting moving this morning.

This evening is the chapel service of testimonies throughout the week. Monty and I are not there as he is at Pastor Teresa's house helping her husband install a new air conditioner for their living room. It's not a good idea for me to go out alone after dark so I am here catching up on some things that need caught up. As I have said before, our lives are a bit different here, safety being the most important.

We are so blessed to have all of you out there praying for us and we thank you for all of those prayers!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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