Sunday, August 05, 2007

Welcome Jessica and Minnesota

This was taken of our team during their roofing job this past week! Roofing and near 95 degrees and they never had a negative comment! Must be God involved somewhere in there!! :)
After church this morning Monty and I headed to the airport to pick up Jessica from New Jersey. She and her team have already been here working with us 3 times. Her heart keeps bringing her back and so she decided to follow her heart and come and spend 2 weeks with us this time. She said it's the first time she has flown alone and did very well. She will be working right with the teams already here and by spending 2 weeks she will be able to really get a better understanding to how God is working here. For us, it was like having family come back. She remembered that it was exactly one year ago today that the team from Jersey came to spend a week with us while we were working in Mississippi. We all laughed when we realized that it seems like we have known each other for a life time instead of just a year! We thank Pastor Mike for recognizing her heart and making it possible for her to come back. And for Mom -- we promise to take good care of her!
At the same time Jess was landing at the airport the team from Minnesota was landing. They were delayed since their flight was cancelled yesterday but today all was well. There are 6 of them and since they have some experience in roofing they will be quite busy being high and lifted up this week. We don't get people experienced with roofing here very often.
As you can see, this will be a week packed with action and wonders and miracles. We hope you don't miss a day! And we hope the internet makes it possible for me to blog each day. The email thing is still "under construction" and I pray that construction is completed by tomorrow!
Until then . . . Susan and Monty

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