Monday, August 13, 2007

From Jess (IN) to Mom

The heat didn't seem to mind most folks today.
Could it be we are getting used to it?
After the orientation and devotion this morning the PA team was divided in two and away they went. One of the men is skilled in construction so he went with Mark to finish the ceiling sheetrock in Michael's house.
Part of the team went with Jansen to finish removing the brick from Pastor Brown's house so it can be raised to the new flood levels.
The other part went with Jess and Brandon to the house one street over from where we live to continue hanging sheetrock.
The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Notice that everyone is smiling, no matter how hot and sweaty they are. When they did get done for the day I saw Brandon literally squeezing the water from the shirt he had been wearing!
The top photo is all the girls telling their families back home "I love you" in some sort of sign language.
The bottom three photos were taken at Jess's request. She wanted to be sure and tell her mom that she loved her and this was her way of letting her know. She said her mom reads the blog every day and wanted to make sure she knew Jess is okay! Mom, you have a great daughter! Her smile is priceless!!
The entire team was treated to a local favorite for dinner this evening - jambalaya! I did hear one of the team admit he had never had such a thing but from the looks of things he was pretty pleased with the results. Dovie always tries to provide the teams with some of the local flavor while they are here. No doubt red beans and rice will be on the menu sometime this week.
I would ask for some special prayers this evening. Monty has been down all day today with chest discomfort and just overall not feeling well. Most of you know that he had a heart attack 3 years ago so any chest discomfort brings back memories and fear. His blood pressure and pulse rates are good and maybe this is God's way of telling him he needed a day out of the heat and hard physical work? We both would appreciate your prayers for healing!
Until tomorrow . . . when the heat continues . . . Susan and Monty

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