Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Free BBQ second time

Never mind that it's so hot we have a heat advisory for the NIGHT?? Made no difference to the team from Washington or the people who came and formed a line half way around the block for the free BBQ! You can see for yourself how crowded it got and how much fun they all had. There were water balloons for the kids, bubbles which flew overhead for the entire evening and hula hoop action that would cause some of us older ones to need a good chiropractor. The free groceries were going quite well along with some of the other free items that were placed in their bags as surprises. I have no idea the final count of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken but I do know it was alot!!! Even the military police stopped by in their Hummer to have a bite and give all of us the opportunity to thank them for their continued protection. From the looks on their faces I don't think they get a thank you very often.

Yes, the heat index is so high we do have an advisory out for tonight. Last night the LOW was 84 degrees!

That also did not stop the roofing crew from going out early this morning to get a head start on the heat. There is also the team sheetrocking and spraying homes for mold. Just another day where teams are spread all over the city doing whatever is needed to rebuild lives and bring hope!

Jessica, from Jersey, has teamed up with our Minnesota team and is doing some sightseeing with them this evening. You would think they all came down together and had known each other a lifetime!

Monty was busy working in Pastor Teresa's office nearly all day. The base trim really looks good and she was especially happy to see it getting done when she came in with some real office furniture this afternoon! Amazing the things we normally take for granted! She doesn't even have a desk at this point in time, it's coming!!

Jessica, Joel's daughter made it back this evening. From the smile on her face she seemed to be really happy to be "home" again.

And for those of you wondering about my email account problems -- let's just say it was a "trying" day but I did discover the problem and was forced to open a new account with another provider so our account is now at a different address. For those of you who didn't receive the new address you can comment at the end of the blog entry and I will send it to you. Or you can just call me and I'll be happy to make sure you get it.

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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