Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Dog Days" for sure

Just a couple of updated photos of Ms Faye and their home after they had the canopys installed over the windows of their home. It looks beautiful! We stopped by when we went and picked up the furniture on Monday! I sure do miss seeing them!

VERY early this morning the team from Washington state headed home. All should be safe and sound and back in their comfortable beds tonight. We all came into the porch for our morning devotions to see a huge poster on the wall that they left for us. It had all their signatures with a big thank you on it! Sure brought a smile to all our faces so early in the morning! Thanks to you -- each of you -- for coming and being a blessing to so many! We hope you come back and see us again.

Like I said, devotions seemed rather small this morning with just the MN team and Jess from NJ. Part of the family was gone. But MN kicked in, regardless of the oppressive heat, and went to insulate and sheetrock. We didn't get to see them this evening because of our weekly meeting but heard they did a wonderful job -- once again! Jess just might be heading to MN when this team leaves --- no mom, I'm only kidding! But you would think they were family, and they are in God's family!

Monty and I spent most of the day in the church. Ciri has been in the process of decorating the church. Most people would say redecorating but to redecorate you must have had decorations to begin with. Since Pastor Teresa was given this church building after the storm and when it had 11 feet of water inside it there were no decorations to start with. Today was the day the furniture started coming together and coming inside the building. Monty helped her get it put together and she and I will be heading out tomorrow morning to pick up the rest of it. Sunday should be quite a nice surprise for those "regulars" as they will see some beautiful changes! It's nice to help put things together and somehow I just felt God was looking down on us and smiling!

I'm not even going to go in to "just how hot was it?" I'll just say that the only thing that should have been on sidewalks or parking lots today was an egg and possibly some bacon!! And tomorrow is to be hotter! I must admit that sweating at 11pm is a new one for us!

We pray all of you are keeping cool and safe as it appears this heat wave is not only here on the coastline.

Until tomorrow . . . DRINK WATER!!!!! Susan and Monty

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