Friday, August 10, 2007

Just a swingin" on her porch

Our morning started with the heat index at 112 degrees at 9:00 AM!!! Saying we were all a bit sluggish pretty much describes it.

But . . . as usual the MN team was ready to go. They were going back to sheetrocking and putting the last piece on Michael's ceiling and starting the coats of finish to it. Jess from NJ took the day to get some extra rest. She didn't sleep all that well last night and Troy, the MN team leader convinced her to take it easy today and get some rest. She felt much better by this evening and went out with the team. Sometimes the heat can take a toll and it's better to sit out for a day than do too much.

Speaking of just that, Monty didn't pay much attention to his own rules today! He was at Michael's house also, outside finishing the roof. It was just too hot to be out doing so and by this evening he is pretty wiped out. When he did come back at lunch time we had gotten a call from Pastor asking if we could put up a porch swing at her house. Her last of three sons is getting married tomorrow and the rehearsal dinner was at her house tonight. A few weeks ago her nephews came for a visit and "somehow" her porch swing on the front porch broke?! Monty and I were able to find just what she wanted and got it up just in time for her to come home and be very happy! She then had quite a few pictures that needed hung inside and by the time we left things were really looking good. She will be marrying her son and wife to be, she has also married the first two. What an added blessing that would be, for all parties!

This evening Monty and I took a drive down Canal Street and through downtown. It still amazes me to see all the lights and things down there and then come back to this side of town into the darkness. It's evident as we drive east on the interstate. I always think of how the lights must have continued to this side of town and how it must have also been full of life. Now the life seems gone, even with the few people living either in their trailers or inside their homes. I did hear the statistic yesterday that 20 percent of the population is back, only 20 percent after 2 years!!! Shocking!!

Please continue to keep this city and it's people in your prayers.

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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