Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blessings through testimonies

Yes, today they banded together and cleaned and cleaned and then cleaned some more. Windows and walls got washed, floors got mopped, dishes got washed and bathrooms got cleaned. All the really deep cleaning that is difficult to get done when teams are coming and going each week.
They were awesome and St. Luke is sparkling and shining like it hasn't in quite awhile!
Part of the team was still working away in Margauritte's house trying to get as much done on their last day as possible.
The other part was still in Laura's house also trying to get as much sheetrock hung as possible. They also had the blessing of being able to spend some time with Laura today and getting to know her better.
Getting to know the homeowners here in New Orleans isn't something that happens often. Most of them were forced to relocate someplace other than here and they don't get back to their homes as much as they would like. When teams do get to meet them and spend some time with them it is really an added blessing.
This evening was our usual Thursday night worship and testimony night. We stayed here at the East location and packed the porch. Testimonies are always such a special time. Hearing how God has touched and worked through the team members brings such life to everyone present. Tonight included some special prayers for special healing. You could feel God's presence in the room.
This team took a trip back to MS last evening to spend time with Mike and Faye. Of the 21 that are here, most of them had been here last Sept and did the tear out of their home. Only 4 of them had seen the final results. The rest of them had only heard the stories and seen the pictures. They had a wonderful evening. Ms Faye had a special cake awaiting them and they all were so happy to reconnect and for the new ones, see the faces and hear the voices! This bond between this family and this church will last for a lifetime! THIS is what the rebuilding is all about! Rebuilding lives!!!
We are so thankful to this team for coming back to work with us. They were such a joy and blessing while we were in MS and they were even more so here! And the best news is that they want to plan another trip for this winter! Go team!!
For us long-termers, it was so uplifting to see this team go out into the hottest week of the year and never complain! They just wore their bandanas, drank their water and worked and worked and worked. Not a single one down with any health problems. Now you know God was working here this week!
They will be leaving us around 6am tomorrow and we will be very sad to see them go! Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel. They will be on the road for 2 days before reaching home and their loved ones!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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Just Judy said...

I miss you all very much!! It looks as though all is moving along well!! Please, Please let me know if a opportunity opens up for my return, I will come there as soom as I can, probably fly in NO,
so just let me know!! I had a awesome time there, and feel God calling to the area, even if only for a while. I hope to hear from you soon!! Love Judy Anglin