Saturday, August 11, 2007

Goodbye Minnesota

Our soon to be warehouse, Spirit of Praise ready to be power washed inside. We now know we will be blessed with a new roof which will make us able to use it as a true warehouse.

Mid afternoon we bid farewell to our team from Minnesota. They took this morning and did some looking around the city, came back and packed for their flight home. We will miss them and pray they will take the reality of here back home and rally the troops to keep on coming!

Alot of our long term volunteers took the day to head to the beach for a day of fun. Monty and I did not go. It's just too hot for the beach, if that is possible! This time of year the water is very warm and not all that refreshing but we know the team had a great time. They are mostly in their mid to late 20's and always have a great time whatever they are doing. Yes mom, Jess from Jersey went with them and she is fine! :)

Monty and I used the day to get some errands accomplished. Even doing that in 100 degree temps can be trying!

By early evening the team from Pennsylvania arrived. It is so exciting to see family return. The very first time this team came (last Sept) there were 11 of them. They are the ones who gutted out Ms. Faye's house and when they left we had no idea what God had planned. All they knew was we couldn't rebuild their existing home. This team adopted the family and kept them in their prayers. When God made a way for us to build them a brand new home 4 members of this team returned to bless the family and be there for the grand opening. Now they return, this time there are 21 of them!! Parents brought their older children to share this experience with them. Pastor Tony was telling us how well things are going at their church and how God has blessed them since their first trip. The Bible tells us all that when we bless others God will return those blessings to us a hundred fold. Somehow I don't think we take Him at His word. Time and time again we hear the reality of that promise when the teams return to work in the relief effort for another time! This will be an awesome week so be sure and stay tuned!

We pray all of you will be in your home churches thanking God for your own blessings tomorrow.

Until then . . . Susan and Monty

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