Friday, April 06, 2007

Welcome Diane's home team

Yes, we now have a total of 84 volunteers inside the church! Madhouse you might think = NOT!! It's absolutely amazing! Most of them are high school students with parents and/or teachers. They have been so fun to work with, so fun to watch their enthusiasm, their endless energy and most of all, their hearts of service. They have all bonded with the families where they are working. They come back from the day filled with excitement and bursting to tell about their day! They are up late in the night and back up early in the morning ready to go again! They have morning and evening devotions and love to be the ones to pray. Right now I am blessed to be listening to their worship music while I write this!
The Wisconsin team arrived yesterday around noon and within 2 hours were on the jobs. They are also planning an awesome outreach at one of the local parks tomorrow and after that will be walking subdivisions inviting the residents to come to church Easter morning. Like I said, endless energy!
The California team has also been working away in their homes. They are making their final plans to leave early tomorrow morning. They will be touring some of the New Orleans area before flying out of the airport there. They are already making plans to return there and work with us on their next trip! We'll be waiting for them!
To the parents of the kids from both states - THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with not only us but with all these families on the coast. They have been a blessing and have, no doubt, been blessed in return. Encourage them to talk about their trip, about their feelings and about how God touched them on this trip. PLEASE take the time it takes to listen. YOU will be blessed in return.
In the last 2 photos you will see Mike and Faye's home, now complete with the lattice work around the bottom and the side deck completed! Many thanks to Glen and the CA team along with Mike Jr for getting the last details done! If only all of you could see Ms. Faye's face! And today Mike Sr drove himself to the house to see for himself! All thanks to your prayers!
You will also see a group photo taken of part of the WI team and the family they are working with. Susan, the homeowner, brought her 26 year old son home from rehab today. We all circled with the family and prayed, each of the team members praying from their heart and those prayers nearly shook the ground! They told her son that today really was a GOOD Friday for him, a new beginning, the day his past sins were forgiven and the day he starts a new life! Her son quickly changed into work clothes and joined in with the team! Now that's what I call LOVE!!! Don't you wish you were here to see it for yourself?!
Until tomorrow ... Blessed Good Friday from Susan and Monty

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