Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Certificate of Occupancy

Today was the day!

The final inspection was completed and the certificate of occupancy was issued.

Mike and Faye can start moving in ------but wait ----- one last "glitch" jumped from nowhere!

There is no hot water! Yes, it seems the water heater has an element out of it and will need to be replaced. Just as we were leaving the house and wondering where we would find a plumber to do such a thing without costing an arm and a leg God stepped in and answered our prayers --- as always!!

David, from our incoming California team called! And guess what -- they will come prepared to take care of it all! And here we were wondering?! Will we ever learn?! God always has perfect timing, from the beginning "dream" of this house until the very end! All is in His control! And aren't we glad and blessed that He does!

We also got a surprise visit from Stephen this afternoon. You remember, he's the college student who volunteered with us all this past summer. We helped rebuild the damage in his own parents home and he worked with us. When we finished that he continued to help until it was time to head back to Ole Miss. He had an interview here locally and came by for a visit. He will be graduating in another month, doesn't seem possible! We pray God will direct him to a job where he will be fulfilled and able to carry out the calling God places on his life!

My own daughter had a job interview in Ft. Lauderdale today and from her phone call it sounds like it went very well. I also pray she will find fulfillment in a career and walk with God's call on her life! Good job Lindsay!!!!

We also heard from our St. James, Missouri team who are in their planning stages for a return trip this May. They are bringing some students to us in New Orleans who are ready to open their hearts and serve the people. They just keep coming and we continue to be blessed by each and every one of them. Thank you -- all of you!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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