Sunday, April 08, 2007

He Is Risen!!!!

Easter dinner, volunteer style! The grill was going once again even though we had a severe drop in temps that brought sleet - yes, sleet, all night long! The clouds went away, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day!
The Easter service was outstanding this morning, especially for some of the team members when they saw Susan and her entire family come into church and Susan's boyfriend dedicate his life to Jesus at the end of the service! It's always special when the homeowners come to church and this morning was exceptional!
The kids did some shopping this afternoon and came back with an Easter candy "hunt" and roses for Monty and I. They are such fun to be around. They had a sharing time where they talked about some of the experiences they have had, what they have meant to them and miracles that they have seen. It was such a blessing to just sit and listen and take it all in. God has touched each and every one of them while they have been here and 3 of them have also dedicated their lives to God! Hard to top that for an Easter, or any time!
We are so thankful to this team for all they have done in the time they have been here. Tomorrow they will be working a full day and then heading back north to Wisconsin. They have a really long drive ahead of them so please keep them in your prayers.
Speaking of prayers, would you please pray some special ones for the team leader, John. He fell a couple of weeks before coming here and injured his back and hesitated on whether or not he could make the trip. He has been in alot of pain and could sure use some healing prayers. He has done an amazing thing in getting all of these kids and adults organized to come here and do the things they have done! Please remember him in your prayers.
Until tomorrow ... Praise Jesus for saving us all! Susan and Monty

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