Sunday, April 01, 2007


Yes, here we all are! Bride, groom and the rest of the family! The top left photo is my middle daughter, Stacy, with her husband Tyler. Next is the bride and groom, Ryan and Dedra, and on the far right is my youngest daughter, Lindsay!
And yes, the mother of the groom was very happy!! It was so nice to see all of my kids and spend a short amount of time with them. The wedding was beautiful and the time just went by way too quickly. It was a blessing to be able to be there!
For an update on the baby who needed prayer please be sure and read the comment posted by Diane. She gave us all some important details that will expand your prayers even more. Thank you for caring and thank you for praying. "There but for the grace of God go any one of us."
I am totally exhausted and yet awaiting the arrival of our team of 45 from California but I want to close with something my father wrote to Monty and I. There were many pages of his "Perspective" on what we have been doing and he took us from tears of laughter to tears of touching our hearts so deeply. This is his last paragraph and I hope it will touch you as it did us. Thanks Daddy --- we love you sooooo much!
"The Katrina Sheet Rock and Roll Blues"
Beautiful music is emanating from Gautier, MS. It rises and spreads on the warm gulf breeze. It's drifting over toward New Orleans, and they will love it there. It is created by the volunteer workers. The power saws seem to harmonize with the sheet rock screw drivers and the hammers set the rhythm like drums. The chatter and laughter of the workers are like lyrics and each verse ends with a "Thank you Lord" from the homeowner. It's enchanting and catchy. You can't get it out of your head. Delores and I both heard it above the jet engines on the way home. They are hearing it from West Virginia to Wisconsin, and from Seattle to Silicon Valley. The music is so alluring that once you have helped to make it all you can think of is going back to do it again. Even now, when I go outside in the early morning, and when the breeze is southerly, I can hear it beckoning. If you listen I think you will hear it too. Follow it to its source and participate in it. It's a blessing that no one should do without!"
Amen! Susan and Monty

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