Monday, April 23, 2007

Packing up . . .

Packing and packing and more packing was the agenda for today.

Convoy of Hope came in this morning and closed out our location. It took a trailer, a pickup truck bed and then another partial trailer to get everything moved out.

Our bulletin board that once held photos and news articles is now barren. The rooms that held tools and most anything one would need in the rebuilding process are now empty. The kitchen items will be donated to the daycare here at the church.

It was a process that we expected and knew needed to happen but was sad none the less. Monty will be going along with Fory this Thursday to unload things in New Orleans. The end in one place and the beginning in another.

The location we are going in to has already been in operation for some time and has some material but could always use more. With the teams of volunteers continuing to come into that area there just never seems to be enough tools to go around. We are thankful that Convoy will be providing even more for them (us).

I also had to bid farewell to the folks at the Rebuild Jackson County meeting this morning. They have been so helpful, so filled with knowledge and some have become personal friends that saying thank you and goodbye wasn't easy. They will continue to find and help those who are still without housing and we give them our blessings.

Cindy (of Jim and Cindy) called this evening to thank us for all the volunteers that have come into their home and helped rebuild. She talked of how each one had been a special blessing and made a comment that amazed me, even though I have heard it before. She said that it was worth going through the storm to receive the blessings they have received!!! Miraculous, indeed!

We also thank ALL who have come and worked with us both here in Gautier and in Pascagoula. Without YOU none of these homes would have been rebuilt. Without YOU none of the lives of the homeowners would have been touched as they have been. Without YOU your own families would not have been increased through the relationships you gained while you were here. Without YOU Monty and I could not have done anything! May God touch your hearts and stir your spirits to plan a return trip and work with us again in New Orleans!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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