Tuesday, April 03, 2007

And then there was a yard

Yes, as of today, and thanks to many volunteers and our church, The Refuge, Mike and Faye now have a completely sodded yard -- all around the house! It is incredible and beautiful! Once again it brought Faye to tears! The teams of kids and adults, led by James from The Refuge, did an outstanding job of preparing the yard and then lifting and placing more sod than I have seen in a long time! Funny thing is they all were begging to be able to come back tomorrow to do "something"! Must be another God-thing!
The rest of the photos were taken at jobs continuing on today. Roofs were being put on, people will no longer have it leaking rain inside their homes, paint was going on - both inside and outside homes, flooring was being put down - both ceramic tile and hardwood, doors were being installed, electric and plumbing was happening ---- anything you can imagine to rebuild a home was happening! Just getting to all of them to take photos took the entire day! Monty spent yet another day running materials to jobs and Diane and I taking photos and talking with the team members and homeowners!
Seeing the looks on the faces of the kids volunteering, hearing the sheer joy in the voices of the homeowners, watching the bonding happening between them all, amazing!
This evening Faye is out back in the parking lot helping the CA team man the chuck wagon and prepare the evening meal for the 45 of their team! Things like that---the relationships building all around -- miraculous! It truly is contagious and something I wish the entire world could "catch". It's better than any medicine, higher than any high that comes from a chemical and lasts a lifetime!
Why don't you come and experience it sometime soon!?
Update on the baby who fell into the septic tank: today is "outbreathing" his respirator and the doctors are already calling it a miracle! He has a ways to go but is going forward -- thank to ALL the prayers that continue to go out. THANK YOU!!!
Another update: you may remember a couple of months ago; the story of the man who only needed the cement chimney cap put back on his house. Our hometown team was here at the time and some of them went and spent just the few minutes it took to put it back on. Michael was his name. He was so overwhelmed that we just "went around helping people" that he was in tears when we all left that morning. Today we received a phone call from his wife telling us that he passes away almost 2 weeks ago. BUT --- from the day we left he read the Bible everyday and hadn't missed attending church with her each Sunday! We know Michael is praising God from a front row seat!
Until tomorrow ... join us in praising God from our earthly seats ... Susan and Monty

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Your CPC and Hannah House Friends said...

We love you! We miss you! We're praying for you! Come home for a visit soon!!!!!!