Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome back Iowa and California

Yes, here we are in our last week working in Mississippi and we are so blessed to have Bettendorf, Iowa and Cupertino, California here with us for the whole week!

Both teams have returning members along with new ones. I must admit we were really shocked and thrilled to see Scott come back with the California team! This is the third time he has been with us. Last March he spent the entire month with us and then returned in October. It's only fitting that he take us out of MS.

Both teams met each other and had dinner together even before we realized they were both here. Both ended up and the Mexican restaurant across the street in the mall. It was another of those "God-things."

There will be alot of jobs happening at the same time this week. With 7 homes that we would love to bring to completion and knowing that won't be possible we will be doing the best we can to get them as far as we can. "Flexibility" is the word for the week and both of these teams are ready!

Monty spent most of his day just getting materials ready at one of the work sites. Most of the homeowners already have what they need on site but in Susan's case it's a new "tear out" for us so she needs everything done! Please keep all of us in your prayers this week. We always tell the teams that "you won't fix Mississippi in a week" and now we ourselves must heed those words.

Be sure and stay tuned for a wonderful and super busy week. The blessings will be flowing from all directions and you won't want to miss a single one of them.

Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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