Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flexibility is the key

Mealtime on the parking lot! That's where the team from California have been cooking and eating this week. They brought in a huge "chuck wagon" where the women have been working away each morning and evening. This thing is equipped with industrial size ovens, griddles and burners. And when they cook they really cook! It's amazing to watch and behold! Monty and I are blessed to be able to join them this evening. They have asked us to share our story as to how we got involved in disaster relief. It's one we have been asked repeatedly and enjoy sharing with others in hopes that they will recognize and answer the call God places on their lives.
The weather took a slight turn this morning which caused some changes to happen quite quickly. When it came a downpour we realized that any scheduled outside work was not going to happen. With some minor adjustments all was running smoothly once again. The outside work will happen tomorrow as the weather looks to be beautiful once again.
The teams continue to work miracles in so many homes. Roofs have been torn off and new ones put on, rooms are now sheetrocked and look like rooms once again, electrical "issues" have been solved, plumbing areas can once again have water running through them, floors now have hardwood and tile and are no longer barren concrete, cabinets and counter tops are installed to make kitchens once again functional and anything else that is involved with renovating a house into a home is happening.
Our team of 150 from Illinois took the kids to the beach for the afternoon. Amazingly enough some of those kids would like to have stayed and worked! Now where would you have that happen, a choice between a day at the beach and working and the teens choose to work? It's just like that when you are working for the Lord! The joy comes from inside your heart and is unlike anything experienced before, something you want to hold on to and not let go of.
We also received word that the team from Diane's home church in Wisconsin is on their way. They plan to try and drive straight through and arrive sometime in the early morning tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel. That's such a long way to come to be such an enormous blessing and we want them to all arrive safe and sound. There are 39 of them so it isn't an easy trip to make.
Be sure and stay tuned as over the next couple of days we will have nearly 200 volunteers here. Also be sure and pray for all of us! :)
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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