Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Judy

Yes, today is Monty's mother's birthday and this rose is for you. Sorry we can't be there to give you the real thing! We love you and miss you!

Today was one of those days where you are just better off to be inside all day. When it rains here it pours and that's what went on most of the day and into this evening. It always amazes me to watch the clouds down here, the speed at which they move and all the different directions.

I think I have mentioned that Monty and I are in missionary schooling and are scheduled to graduate in June with our license in missions and also, God willing, we will be ordained into the ministry. Each week we have homework assignments and I must admit, it's been a year or two ??? since I've done homework. The weekly work isn't too tough to keep up with but this "research" paper thing is another story! We are blessed in that our homework can be done together but that thing had me stumped. With it being due in only a couple of weeks I took today to sit down and tackle it. It took ALL afternoon and into the early evening but, with God's help, I think I have it done. We were to research an "un-reached" people group and go from there. I had the research done but getting it all on paper proved to take a long bit of time. Thank goodness for computers where it can be typed nice and neatly. Anyway, it is now done and like I said, we pray all will go well and graduation will be assured.

Today was also a day to try and readjust to the quiet of teams being gone. After weeks of "bunches" of team members today seemed a bit on the weird side! When you go at such a hurried pace for so long it becomes second nature and seems odd when you aren't going at that pace. I will admit that Monty, Diane and myself are glad to have a few days to recuperate before our next 2 teams come in together for next week. Iowa and California will be on their way next Monday and they will be our last teams before Convoy relocates us into New Orleans.

For those incoming team members who wonder what you might be doing in the way of work here -- we have a 1700 square foot home to do ceramic tile in, yes, the entire house! And yes, we have a wet saw here. In that same house there will be the base trim and then hopefully we can pronounce it "done" and Rosemary and her mother can move back HOME!

Another location, Susan's, may be ready for insulation and sheetrock.

Another location, Melvina's, needs the rest of her doors installed and her base trim and window trim also installed.

Yet another location, Mike's, needs his subflooring taken out and new installed. He also needs insulation and sheetrock, both in the ceilings and walls.

And finally we have Jim and Cindy's home. Ceramic tile was being installed last week but I don't know if it was completed. They also need some sheetrock hung, some painting done, kitchen cabinets installed, trim and doors installed.

So there you have it --- quite an array of work in a short amount of time! Hopefully this will help you to plan accordingly with tools and such. We are SOOOOO thankful that both teams are returning teams who know the routine and will, once again, be such a wonderful blessing to the homeowners.

For those of you who have been wondering about Mike and Faye -- we have the final inspection in the morning so pray all goes well and they will receive the certificate of occupancy and will be ready to move in asap. Which brings me to one more small, side job for next week, if possible. They have a short section of privacy fence, in panels, that needs installed to the side of their property. Mike Jr. will also be helping and it should take less than a day.

We pray our Wisconsin team is now back home safe and sound and without snow!!! We just want all of you to know how much we enjoyed your trip here and look forward to seeing all of you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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