Friday, April 13, 2007

Florida --- here she comes!

God answered my prayer today!

My youngest daughter, the one on the far right of the photo, received an offer for the job she interviewed for this week!

She will be relocating her life to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I just hope this company knows the "prize" they are receiving! And yes, I am a bit partial and biased and am happy to be both!

As parents all we want in our own lives is for our children to grow up and be happy in this world. My older 2 are just that and I am now pleased to say my youngest is on her way! Thank you God, for once again blessing my children!

Last night we had our mission classes and thus no blog. It's very late when we get back and I just can't get it all done. Graduation was the discussion last night, it doesn't seem possible that we are that far along with the classes. Each one is so interesting and opens our eyes to so many things! It is a real blessing to be able to attend these and to look forward to graduation the middle of June.

Today held quite a few things in store. We are preparing for our incoming, and final, teams this coming Monday evening. Both California and Iowa will be returning. It's always so good to see teams return and to recognize the faces and see new ones! It's sad to think that these will be our last ones here but also exciting to know God has a new world in store for us in just a few weeks in New Orleans!

We made a visit to Susan this morning to get she and her family started with some electrical materials so they can work on her house this weekend. Her son, Milton, is also ready to work with the incoming teams who will be in their home. They also plan to be back in church this Sunday also!

Our camper trailer required a little "repair" today also. The bed that Monty sleeps in had one of the supports underneath give way. We thought the squeeking sounds the past few days were a bit abnormal? He got it some new support and let's just say that it won't be falling down anytime soon!

Early this evening we took a trip to one of the only piers that has been rebuilt around here since the storm. It's a great place for fisherman and today it was an outstanding place for them! One gentleman was catching them almost as fast as he got the bait back on the hook. He had a 38 inch red drum and a small shark already pulled in when we arrived! The man next to us caught his 5th stingray before starting to catch the edible kind of catfish. They say that the fishing at night is even better. They installed lights on the pier and supposedly they attract the fish and you can hardly reel them in fast enough! We'll have to go and see some night, if we can avoid being carried off by either the mosquitos or the gnats!

This evening we are listening to the weather alerts, supposedly severe storms are headed this way. To look outside tonight you would never think it was possible. But ... one thing we have learned is just how fast the weather can change when you are this close to the coast!

Until tomorrow ... take care and thanks for all your continued prayers. Susan and Monty

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