Monday, April 02, 2007

150 + 45 = BLESSINGS!!

Yes, you read the numbers right! It's a church FULL! The 150 are being housed at the Convoy location in Escatawpa, a city just to the north of Pascagoula. They are featured in the bottom 6 photos.
They are working in so many locations I can't count. These locations shown are at Jim and Cindy's where they are working in the bathroom and preparing the floors for ceramic tile, in Marcus and Leannes where they are doing electric, plumbing and sheetrock hanging and at James's where they are taking off the old roof and will be putting on the new one tomorrow. There is also a team at Art's who are doing anything and everything to get their home back to the way it should be -- a home!
As you can guess, people are going in all directions! The amazing thing is that they are all smiling, laughing and enjoying working for the Lord. This is their spring break, the way they chose to spend it. These kids are hanging out on some beach someplace drinking and partying. They are drinking plenty of water here and from what I see in the evening it IS a party! All of which they are doing to be a help to others, to be examples of Jesus to the Gulf Coast! To the parents of these high schoolers --- THANK YOU for sharing your children with us! To the parents who are here with the kids --- THANK YOU for coming and taking responsibility for all of them!
The top 4 photos are of our team of 45 who flew in from California last night. They are also working in homes all over the coast. Tomorrow some of them will be working at Mike and Faye's house. The sod (for the entire yard) that was donated by The Refuge (our church) is due to arrive in the morning and a team from CA will be lifting and bending and also enjoying working for Jesus.
It's incredible beyond words to see all these people come to volunteer. They are so excited, so filled with enthusiasm, have seemingly endless energy, are eager to get to work, don't complain about having to sleep on the floors (see in the photo just how many you can pack into a room) and are thrilled to be here for their spring break. The adults are also smiling, enjoying cooking on the Chuck Wagon located in the back parking lot, outside with the gnats and mosquitos and aren't complaining. As I tell every single team -- you are "hope" with feet when you come here to help rebuild! Seeing the smiles on the faces of the homeowners, seeing the hopelessness leave their faces, to see the look in their eyes when they realize that is is turning from a muddy mess back into a home again = priceless!
We hope you continue to keep up with the "action" that will be going on this week!
A VERY special prayer request comes this evening -- again! Our Convoy leaders, Fory and Cindi had to make an emergency flight home to Minnesota yesterday. Fory's father, who just celebrated his 94th birthday last weekend, is having heart problems and really needs prayer right now. Thank you, once again, for caring enough to pray for those you don't even know!
Until tomorrow ... be safe in the Lord. Susan and Monty

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