Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan and Tony

Yes, this is my son who turned 32 years old today!!! This photo was taken at his wedding a few weeks ago where the guys were getting a kick out of him holding onto the bridal bouquet while Dedra got her dress taken care of. I guess my dad was right when he said "you know you're getting old when your children start getting old". Now 32 isn't old but . . .
And a Happy Birthday also goes out to Monty's stepfather, Tony. We won't mention how old he is but I'm sure he would trade ages with Ryan! :)
Before I get into this I need to ask for another prayer request. You may remember Tony and Shirley who came and spent an entire month with us back in January. Their granddaughter was having heart stents put in and could use some extra prayer coverage. Goodness knows she is just a child and needs prayer for complete healing! To Tony and Shirley - we miss you and hope you will be coming to work with us again when your schedule permits!
Today was spent getting some personal things ready for our move. Monty has been working on and in the tool trailer and it is now done and ready to be loaded with our tools. He also worked on getting his truck unloaded from the tools and reorganized. When you pack tools and materials from job to job things can get "less than" organized and it can be a job finding some sort of sense to everything. He's doing a wonderful job and should have things lined out soon. His truck is in need of some more repairs so we are "spacing" things as best as we can to have things done in time to roll on down the road.
Most of the things that I need to get ready are inside our trailer and can't be done until the last minute.
We have given ourselves some extra time so we should be fine and right on schedule.
Thanks again to all who are following our blog and keeping us in your prayers. Without you this entire mission would be impossible.
Until tomorrow . . . Happy Birthday to 2 of our favorite men!! Love you Ryan and Tony!!!
Susan and Monty

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