Monday, April 09, 2007

Goodbye Wisconsin

What a rough goodbye! Kids who are crying because they don't want to leave. Adults who are giving testimony about how this trip changed their lives! Amazing! And what a blessing to be the ones who DO get to stay!
The top 4 photos were taken at Susan's house. The house is now completely covered in Bible verses and prayers, all written on the studs and all over the house. You can see the kitchen and bathroom being some of the final rooms being gutted. You can also see "Papa Joe" with Brenda who is in her gutting "gear". If I heard Papa Joe once this week I must have heard it 100 times! The team fell in love with him and he with them. He will be stepping in and helping rebuild Susan's house until our next teams come in. This is one of those family and relationship things that will bring tears to the strongest ones. I have no doubt that Susan's son, Milton, will be receiving phone call after phone call from his new Wisconsin family! I wasn't there when they had to say goodbye and it's a good thing! It's tough enough for me to say goodbye to the teams when they leave us!
The next 4 photos were taken at Melvina's house. The team had some special surprises for her when she arrived home from work this evening. Not only did they get her shed outside done but they decided to move inside and hang some doors and put up some base trim. She called Diane when she got home and was thrilled! Because she was always working when the team was there they did not have the opportunity to meet her. Hey team -- be sure and watch the blog through the next weeks as we will "feature" her! To her you were all like angels who just came into her home and started the transformation. Thank you!
The rest of the team worked their magic at the Spanish Village. I didn't get photos of them because they were just heading to lunch when I arrived. The did take Anita and her daughter with them and also had a tough time saying goodbye! Now 2 more trailers are homes!
The team was on the road by 5pm and heading toward the 23 hour drive home. PLEASE keep them in your prayers for safe travel. This is a long drive, they are tired and need our prayers.
Also remember the musicians who blessed us over and over again with not only their music but their hearts of service working in the homes along with the team. They are heading to Montana, also a very long drive. I just wish all of you could have been in church last night and heard the absolutely fantastic concert these guys put on for us. Never have I seen so many people enjoying songs about Jesus, dancing, clapping, singing along and praying! We all could've listened all night long!
I do have another very special prayer request, actually 2 for tonight. The first is for John, the missions leader of this team. John is suffering something terrible with back pain and could really use prayers for healing. You would never have known he was in so much pain while they were hear. He and his wife, Brenda, really are amazing people and with him having to make this long drive home and having back pain it just doesn't make for a good combination.
The second request is for one of our dear friends we have made here, Amy. Amy works tireless hours counseling those who have suffered from this storm. She is one of the Project Recovery girls who literally drive into neighborhoods and knock door to door asking how the residents are doing. We have been blessed to work hand in hand with them and have gotten to know some of them quite well. Amy's father is on life support in the hospital here. Without going into family details, which are quite painful, this entire family could use your prayers. With everything Amy has done, and is still doing, for the people on the coast she is the one who could really use our prayers now.
We thank you for your prayers. We know they work miracles! We see evidence of them and are so grateful to all of you!
Be blessed in the Lord this evening and until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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