Tuesday, June 05, 2012


My friend, Susie, reminded me today that I hadn't posted a blog in a few days.

Where in the world do the days go?

Sunday we had a graduation luncheon to attend and actually got a bit of rest in the afternoon.

Monday . . . every which way.  The day ended with a COAD board meeting where we discussed the agenda for the upcoming meeting at the end of this month.  It is our goal to invite new members who will gain an understanding as to what COAD is and how they can be a part . . . not only in times of disasters but now.  Alot of discussion and alot of progress.  Now let's hope we can relay that in the next meeting.

Today . . . Monty has been skirting another trailer and I worked all day at Susie's with prepping her storage shed for painting tomorrow.  I had already powerwashed it and today was scraping and caulking.  The weather is absolutely perfect and is supposed to stay the same for tomorrow so it's alot of fun for me to be out and working.  And I love to paint so . . .

This evening I am headed to my grandson's baseball game and then taking both grandkids to dinner at Bob Evans because on Tuesday evenings the kids eat free.  And free is always good!!!  Luke may need 2 kids meals though as his appetite has grown along with his height and after playing a baseball game he is sure to be hungry!  Liv on the other hand will order silver dollar pancakes and we'll be lucky if she eats a couple of them!  Kids!!!!     :)

The work at Don's is on a bit of a hold.  He and his brother are working away on a few projects while the Hartsville team takes a break and the local Baptist church has vacation Bible school this week.

Michael is awaiting the newly reordered counter top and a couple of volunteers to come and rake the large rocks from his back yard.

So . . . every which way we go . . . as usual.

We hope you all are well and remember to love one another . . . no matter what . . . as it's the main commandment given from God!!!!   And besides --- it sure feels good to be loved!

Until next time . . .                                    Susan and Monty

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