Monday, June 18, 2012

It's coming down

Monday . . . my phone was ringing off the hook rather early.

Adam returned to continue the "unbuilding" of Rodger and Victoria's shed.  He made amazing progress on Saturday working alone.  Today he brought one of his brothers and his nephew.  Adam has no problem with heights so he headed up high to dismantle the rafters and keep them in tact for future reuse somewhere else.  Laddy took the ground level and the job of moving and stacking.

At age 8, the nephew took the bucket approach and with the games on his dad's phone he was happy.  When I left he was in his own little world and smiling -- perfect!

Adam's work ethic and heart to help others sets an example for all of us.  He works construction on a local Indiana University project from 3:00pm to 11:00pm daily.  In his mind this gives him from 9:00am to nearly 2:00 pm to do volunteer work!  And he lives 90 minutes from here so add in 3 hours drive time daily --- you do the math!  God has taken hold of his heart and he just loves doing for others!  Like I said in an earlier blog --- a true angel!!!!

I wasn't able to get back to take pictures at the end of their work time due to an eye doctor appointment.  I hate to even tell it but it's the first appointment and checkup I've had in over 10 years!!!!!  And yes, my eyes had changed majorly.  Anxious to get my new glasses next week and see the changes! 

Hope all of you had a great Father's Day!  We got to spend the day with my family and it was alot of fun!  One of my brothers has a house on a lake and Monty got to do some fishing -- and even caught quite a few!!!! 

Until next time . . . have you helped someone in need lately????               Susan and Monty

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