Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thinking Paradise? Think Again . . .

As Adam continued taking apart Rodger and Victoria's tornado damaged shed and stacking and sorting and saving he gave me a call to say he would be done today.  We will meet tomorrow morning to decide what we can use here and what to take where.  This man has been a one man team and accomplished so much in just a few days!  And when he gets done working at their house he goes to his actual job from 3pm to 11pm!!!!!!!  What a servant's heart.

It's Tuesday which means Bible study and today that included our 2nd meeting on the mission work needing done in Maui.  We met at Jimmie's BBQ place once again and love that we have so much room to use and are surrounded by the presence of the Lord at the same time!

Today was especially productive as I got to "meet" Linda over the phone for the first time.  Alton and Linda are the couple who have been counseling troubled teens for over 6 years in nothing but rented office space and are following the call God has placed on their lives to open this in patient facility where they can help so many.

Seems we all are having the same response when we bring up this mission trip.  People think of Maui and get a funny look on their face and then add a rather funny smile along with a laugh and say, "sure, a mission trip to paradise!  Who wouldn't want to do that?"  (even though they don't mention going themselves)

Today we got some cold, hard facts that I need to share with you and ask that you share with those in your circles of influence. 

The Hawaiian island of Maui is only 729 square miles in size.  For those of us in central/southern Indiana that's the size of the cities of Bloomington, Nashville, Bedford and Seymour combined! 

The population is aproximately 120,000 people.

In 2005 there were 8,261 arrests of teens.

There are aproximately 2,873 runaways each year (with nowhere to run - but still trying).

If you do the math that means that right about 10% of the entire population is troubled teens.

The drug use is rampant -- mainly methamphetamine.

Last year alone Alton and Linda held parent training classes, counseling seeions, distributed food to the needy at schools and in families and held drug prevention programs ---- all in rented office space!

Just think what they can do in a facility that can house over 13 teens and 5 full time staff members?

So . . . are you still thinking Paradise?  For over 10% of the total population it's more like a living hell.

This facility, House of New Life, needs to be up and running by September 1st of this year!  The estimate for materials alone is nearly $50,000. 

We desperately need YOUR help!  EVERYONE has something they can do to help.

Maybe you can schedule a trip with some of your church family, some of your neighbors or even some of your coworkers.

Maybe you can host some fund raisers to help with the cost of materials.

Maybe you can financially help someone who is able to go.

Maybe you can tell others about this project and let them share it in their circles of influence.

EVERYONE can pray!

Please take this to prayer and see where God leads you to help.  And when He reveals to you how to help --- please be obedient and help!

Teens are our future (like it or not) and if we don't help them when they need help --- we have no right to complain about what our future brings!!!   Just sayin' . . .

Thank you for following this blog and thank you for whatever it is you decide to do.

If you can help financially --- see where to send your donations in our bio listed here.  Just send a separate note with your donation marked "MAUI" and it will get there --- I promise!

If you would like to help Monty and I personally with this trip -- do the same thing only mark your separate note "SCALES".

God has miracles in store --- ones we can't begin to imagine -- so be sure and get involved and stay tuned.

Until next time . . . www.houseofnewlife.org                                             Susan and Monty

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