Saturday, June 02, 2012

He even has an iron in that truck!!!

It's been awhile, we had to wait for the counter tops. 

Today was the day Rob returned.  He spent the entire day working on the counter tops and sink install.  I made 4 trips for supplies and as I was leaving for the day he was heading back for yet one more plumbing piece!  In the above picture you can see the real legs that are used for support along with the temporary ones still underneath.

It took a really fine saw blade to cut the tops to the proper length.  The pieces that were cut off will become fish cleaning tables for Michael!  The nicest ones around, no doubt.

Michael was working on getting the kitchen sink put together and helping Rob with the tops.

As you know, this entire mobile home has been created just for Michael and his needs.  This is the area where most people would put a small kitchen table and a couple of chairs.  We gave him some much needed cabinet space.  We only put a couple of drawer cabinets near the sink keeping the area as free as possible for him to wheel his wheelchair around easily.  This area is along the wall and complete with more counter top space.  Rob was able to specially design the area.  See the picture below for more details.

This is before the top is put on.  You can see the small cabinet set back a bit.  This gives even more storage while allowing extra space for Michael to get from the kitchen to the hallway.  Rob and his creativity at work!

When getting creative it sometimes takes special tools.  Michael and I were just laughing that Rob has literally everything in his truck when he walked in with an iron -- yes -- the kind we all "used" to use in ironing clothes!!!  Why????  Because when you put end caps on the ends of counter tops you use an iron.  They are preglued and with the touch of a hot iron they are attached and done.  Only Rob would carry an iron in his truck!!!!!!   Michael and I enjoyed a laugh out of it while Rob just kept on working.

One piece of counter top that we ordered is the wrong size so I will be returning it and reordering next week.  Other than that --- things are moving along nicely and with any hope at all and some good weather we just might get the seal coat on the roof this week?  One can always hope.

In the meantime -- Michael remains faithful that the extra dollars will come in to make it possible for us to finish the inside, purchase appliances and build the back deck and ramp.  He has been faithful from the get-go and has a peace about him that is contagious. 

It's always fun to see the progress and today it was BIG progress --- thanks to Rob and his faithfulness!!!!

Until next time . . . maybe I better add an iron to my toolbox!                   Susan and Monty

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